About Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are the most commonly purchased hearth product in the Central Valley. For economy, convenience, and overall economy of operation there’s nothing quite like them. We have a huge selection of different sizes and styles to meet almost any need and, with the Rebate Program we have right now you will receive a $1500 rebate directly from the San Joaquin Valley Air District. Stop in and see how a beautiful fireplace insert can save you money on your heating bill and provide the warmth you want in your central living space.

Size Matters … Kind of

One of the key considerations in your purchase of a gas insert is what size to get.

What most people want is the proper BTU rating of an insert to meet their heating needs. If it’s a small area, or the layout of the home is not conducive to moving the heat from the fireplace is to other parts of the house, then a smaller BTU heater is in order.

But, if you have tall ceilings, or maybe the house doesn’t have great insulation, or it’s a big open floor plan, a larger insert might be in order.

The way modern gas inserts are designed is also a factor. We now have variable gas valves, which give you the ability to modify the BTU input to the insert, thereby varying the heat output it gives. As an example, some of our largest units have a capacity of 40,000 BTU’s which can heat upwards of 2,000 square feet, or more. But those same units can be regulated to where they only have 10,000 – 15,000 BTU’s, which will heat only a small area.

So, if you want a large viewing area, but don’t want as much heat, or the weather is “cool, but not really cold,” you can have your cake and eat it too.


INSERT COMPONENTS: When you buy a gas insert there are 4 main components to the purchase:

INSERT BODY – This is the “engine”, if you will, of the gas insert. It has the burner, valve, fan, heat exchanger, switches, the glass, and all the “guts” of the insert. Just as with any products, there is a difference in the quality of one insert vs. another.

INSERT FACE – This is the decorative portion of the insert. There are a myriad of choices, from grills, to doors, to a bay-window face, to… well, you name it and it’s probably available. There are accents in gold, nickel, pewter, copper, cast iron, enamel, and a host of other finishes to suit your particular decor.

INSERT SHROUD – This is the surround panel that attaches to the insert to cover the fireplace opening. They come in different sizes to accommodate different fireplaces and, upon request, we can have a custom surround panel made to fit your fireplace opening… we only make custom surrounds for our customers, not for other brands.

INSERT VENTING / PIPE – All gas inserts must be vented through the chimney with their own venting system. Some use 3″ aluminum 2 ply flexible pipe, some use 4″, some use two different vent pipes going up the chimney…

DIRECT VENT GAS INSERTS – This is the only kind we sell. Direct Vent appliances use outside air for combustion.

Without getting technical, this means that is takes cold air into the firebox… from outside the house… and uses it for combustion. Then, when the air is used up for the fire inside the firebox, it is exhausted through the exhaust pipe and up the chimney. For these appliances we use 2 different pipes on the insert… one for exhaust, the other for intake.

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