Burn Cleaner Program


Air District Rebates Are Still Available!

ACT NOW…Rebates up to $2,650 if you upgrade

This is one of those real-life situations where, if you act now, you can be one of the lucky ones who will get a MINIMUM of $2,650 in the form of a check made out to you as a rebate from the local Air District for upgrading to a cleaner-burning hearth appliance. Funds are limited,… when they run out of funds, the program is over. If you have EVER wanted to purchase a wood, gas or pellet stove or insert, NOW IS THE TIME!!!

Upgrade from:

  •  An open hearth fireplace or non-EPA certified wood stove to an EPA certified wood or pellet stove, OR a gas stove.
  • Any wood stove to any pellet or gas stove
  • Any pellet stove to any gas stove

That’s it. When you purchase your new stove from us we will walk you through the paperwork to get your rebate back from the Air District. Additional incentives of $500 – $1500 EXTRA available for low income residents and for those who upgrade to any gas products.

All you have to do is stop by our store (open 7 days a week), fill out a Voucher Application (5 minutes max), and we will submit it on your behalf. You will then receive a voucher in the mail which is good for anywhere from $1500 –  $3000 toward the purchase of any of our hearth heaters. It’s simple, and it can save you as much as 50% or more off the price of a new hearth appliance. But don’t wait – there is a limited amount of funds available, and those who act now will benefit from this tremendous program.