ACE® How It Works

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How It Works

The ACE® system eliminates side effects and creates spa water

that looks, feels and even smells great!

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You won’t feel like you need to take a shower after using your spa, which means you will

use it much more. The more you use your Hot Spring® spa, the better you will feel!


    The ACE system cleans spa water differently than any other salt water system, or any traditional water care program. The ACE system uses a patented diamond electrode, which allows the system to break apart water molecules and create a powerful oxidizer called Active Oxygen.

    Active oxygen goes to work to breakdown and remove bacteria and impurities in the spa water completely-leaving behind only water and carbon dioxide.

    Once the water is clean, then the active oxygen will pair with sodium chloride (salt) that has been added to the water to create the chlorine sanitizer.

    Since the ACE system will only produce chlorine after the spa water is clean, it may take a day (or longer) to see a measurable amount of chlorine on your test strip. If you do not get a chlorine reading, that is an indication that the ACE system is hard at work cleaning the water.


  • Traditional Chlorine

    Most spas and hot tubs are maintained using traditional chlorine water care. Chlorine is an approved sanitizer for spas and hot tubs. Chlorine will combat bacteria and contaminants in the spa, and provide you with peace of mind that spa water is clean and safe. However, bottled chlorine can leave spa owners with a number of unappealing side effects.

  • Eliminating Byproducts

    When chlorine attacks contaminants in the spa water, it results in the creation of chlorinated byproducts, or chloramines. The chloramines are what generally cause the strong chlorine odor and irritating side effects that are often associated with hot tubs. The ACE system cleans the spa water differently. The Active Oxygen breaks down contaminants completely, eliminating those byproducts that impact the quality of spa water.

  • Minimizing Stabilizing Acid

    Bottled chlorine also contains an acid, which is necessary to stabilize the chlorine. With traditional water care, bottled chlorine is added to the spa at a minimum of once a week, and in many cases with each use – which could be daily. Each time the bottled chlorine is added, the spa owner is inadvertently adding more acid to the spa water. The increasing level of acid in the spa water also contributes to the dry skin, red eyes, and irritation that some people experience from spa water. With the ACE system there is only a very small amount of bottled chlorine added to the spa, hence eliminating these side effects.