About Freestanding Pellet Stoves

A freestanding pellet stove offers a lot in the way of flexability of installation, ease of operation, and much less cleaning than a traditional wood stove. But make no mistake – it’s still wood heat because pellet fuel is nothing more than compressed sawdust. The fuel comes in nice, neat 40 lb plastic bags making it easy to store and even easier to use. Just load the hopper on the top of the stove, flip a switch, and sit back to that bone warming heat without all the mess.

AUTOMATIC IGNITOR – All of our pellet stoves come with an automatic ignition, “matchless” ignition system. No starter fuel or chips, no need to manually light it. You can have it operate on full automati mode by installing an optional thermostat or remote.

REGULATES HEAT AUTOMATICALLY – The beauty of a pellet stove is that it allows the user to operate it at whatever level they want to without wasting fuel. Unlike a wood stove, when you are done using it you can simply flip a switch and, instantly, it stops using fuel. This along with other features of a pellet stove make it an easy choice for many consumers.

STOVE VENTING / PIPE – A freestanding pellet offers the ultimate in flexability for installation, You can install it in front of an outside wall and vent it through the wall to the outside – either up a short distance on the outside wall and terminate with a cap, or continue up the wall and past the even of your roof. See one of the experts at the Spa Doctor Spa & Stove Center for installation advice.

We are a “specialty retailer” and not a Big Box store. That means we specialize in what we do… we are experts. We can help you not only select the right stove for your needs, but can assist in helping you through the installation process. We also have experienced installers available if you don’t want to do it yourself.

There’s nothing like the warmth of wood, and there’s nothing like an Ironstrike wood-burning stoves. Whether you are replacing an older wood stove or installing a brand new one, the EPA certified wood stoves from Ironstrike will complete your project with style and high effeciency . We have 2 collections of wood stoves to choose from – The Country Collection, and the Grandview Collection. Whatever you heating needs are we are sure to be able to find the perfect wood stove just for you.

Please call The Spa Doctor with any questions, 209-545-5224.