Ravenna™ Collection

Whether you choose the cast or a contemporary face, the Zen Garden or Traditional Fireback, The Ravenna Gas Insert by Ironstrike will light your fire. A optional remote controlled thermostat adds to the already incomparable convenience of a gas insert by Ironstrike.

The Ravenna stands alone in design. For the past decade this insert has baffled the industry

by its unique design. This one insert can be retrofitted as a 30,000 BTU heat monster, heating up to 1500 square feet,  to a 40,000, 2000 sq ft + dynamo…

With the simple change of an orifice. For some reason no other company has figured out how to do it. It’s truly a “one-size fits-all” product.

One insert with every conceivable application for the marketplace.

Innovation has its rewards.



Cast Face
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Two Distinct Looks

For Unique Firebacks

One Fantastic Heater



Contemporary Face
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Just like our Arch Faces, there is a wide array of stylistic choices with our Traditional Faces.

Add any face to the insert body to achieve the look you want to match the decor of your house.

Ravenna Gas Insert Liner - Tan Brick
Tan Brick
Ravenna Gas Insert Liner - Zen Garden
Zen Garden
Ravenna Gas Insert Liner - Red Brick
Red Brick
Ravenna Gas Insert Liner - Architectural Stone
Architectural Stone


What’s your stylistic desire? Choose from an array of steel panels, with optional surround trim in different finishes, or an ornate cast iron surround. You are only limited by your imagination.

Ravenna Cast Surround
Ravenna Cast Surround
Ravenna Steel Surround
Ravenna Steel Surround
Ravenna Black Trim
Ravenna Black Trim
Ravenna Nickel Trim
Ravenna Nickel Trim