Our Response to COVID-19 - Spa Doctor

Executive Communication from The Spa Doctor Spa & Stove Center

To the valued friends & family members of The Spa Doctor,

First, please note our new business hours:

Showrooms will not be staffed on Sunday and Monday. We will have staff available on Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 – 6:00

We will be accepting appointments to show for home heating products and therepeutic hot tubs, but only allowing 1 customer in the store at a time. We also are offering curbside pickups of water sanitation products. 

As we all do our best to deal with the current situation we want you to know how vital it is that, more than ever, you are able to maintain a sanitary hot tub. Because many of our customers over the last 34 years have purchased one of our therapeutic hot tubs with a prescription from your doctor for health reasons, we will not abandon you. We are offering curbside pickup of sanitation chemicals for your hot tub.

We have a VOIP (internet based phone system) and we will be redirecting questions for service and delivery and we will make sure we take care of you. 

If you need a stove, insert or fireplace for home heating we can assist you over the phone, with a virtual tour, or by appointment in the showroom. HVAC / home heating has received an exemption from some municipalities (San Francisco being one of them) to allow people to shop for a hearth product as a home heating product. 

If you need a spa for therapeutic reasons, we are here to help with that too. 

Our showroom’s will continue to have staff available, but with modified showroom hours – we will not be staffed on Sunday’s and Monday’s until further notice, but our Live Chat will still be a good way to communicate. 

If you need to come to the store for a home heater or therapeutic hot tub, here is what we are doing:

1. Call ahead if you can to let us know you are on your way.

2. When you arrive we will open the front door for you.

3. We will allow one customer in the store at a time (sorry – no families at this time, but your spouse or significant other is welcome to come in with you.)

4. We will re-close the store and allow you to come in and look for a product that is best for you.

NOTE – Regarding the purchase of water care or sanitizing chemicals for your hot tub, we will be able to help you as well. We are only allowing one customer in at a time. If you know your order please call it in, we will ring it up and bag it. When you arrive at the showroom we will place it outside for curbside pickup. 

5. We ask that you maintain the recommended social distancing guidelines of a 6’ minimum

6. We ask that no customers touch anything. If we need to show you how a remote works for a home heating appliance, or how the controls work for a therapeutic hot tub, we will demonstrate the functions for you. 

If you are already one of our customers who has a hot tub, here’s how we can help you:

First and foremost, please maintain proper chemical balance in your hot tub. One thing we have learned is that these are anxious times, and anxiety lowers your immune system; that’s a scientific fact. The last thing anyone needs is to have their immune system lowered or compromised, so sitting in your hot tub as often as you can has never been more important to the health and wellness of you and your family. You HAVE to reduce whatever anxiety you have right now, and there’s no better way to do it. So keep it fresh and clean, and take advantage of one of the true health benefits of your hot tub.

If you have any questions about taking care of your spa, please give us a call and we will help with any questions you might have. At this time we are not taking customers in for our specialized computer water care analysis system, but if you want to drop a bottle of your spa water off we would be happy to analyze it and send you the results via email, or we could give you a call and answer any questions you might have about the test results. 

A hearty “THANK YOU” goes out to all of our loyal customers who over the years have supported us. Now’s the time for us to give back. 

Until things settle down, here is what we are doing:

• First time customers get 10% off all chemical and water care product sales

• If you are an existing customer – 15% off

• If you are needing to purchase a hot tub for therapeutic or other health and wellness reasons, or home heating device, we will have extra incentives for purchasing now. Call and make a showroom appointment and we will assist everyone. Please follow the guidelines above and everybody will be fine.

We look forward to serving you both now, and in the future. Have a safe and prosperous day.

The Spa Doctor Team