Nest Lantern

The Nest Lantern features a brushed stainless steel “nest” enclosing the flames set on an elevated pedestal made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. Nest Lanterns can be used to light a path or add grandiosity to your outdoor area.

Nest Collection: The pieces in the Nest collection feature brushed stainless steel nest patterns in the design. The bodies of these pieces are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete and come in a variety of different colors and textures. Fuel options include natural gas or self-contained propane tank (base is made with a removable door to house and easily access a propane tank inside).
Model Number: 715-xx-11-V1xc
Dimensions: 16″ w x 66″ h x 16″ d
Wt. # / Pieces: 160# / 2

  • Nest Lantern houses 5 gallon propane tank.
  • Nest Lantern come with stainless steel burner, hose and regulator.
  • All other items are sold separately.
  • Nest Lantern flame is adjustable for comfortable dining.
  • BTU ratings: 60,000 (NG), 50,000(LP)