Spa Pre-Delivery Page


    We highly recommend you coming into the store once the delivery is scheduled to do an orientation, learn how the spa operates, and how to properly maintain your spa. We are not contractors and do not do any additional work. We do not: Do any electrical --- We do not take down fences --- We do not remove decking --- do concrete work, or any ground preparation Our delivery crew delivers the spa, sets it in place on your property, and installs any accessories purchased with the spa. We do not fill the spa... after the spa is installed, and have your electrical ready, just fill the spa with a garden hose and follow the instructions you received in your orientation. Any balance due must be paid prior to delivery. If financed, all loan documents must be signed in the showroom prior to delivery
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    Check to make sure we have all the information we need for a safe and smooth delivery. We do not lift spas over fences or ledges, we do not take down customers' fences, and we do not do electrical in house. If you need a referral for work that needs to be done to prepare for your spa, contact your salesperson and we will be happy to assist you.
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