What’s the Difference in Our Swim Spas?

What’s the Difference in Our Swim Spas?

The AquaSport Swim Spa - For the Everyday Athlete

The Ideal Universal Aquatic Gym

This unit has a generous streamlined swim tank area and flat ergonomically designed anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness exercises. Plus you can create the perfect training environment through personalized water temperature settings. The intensity of your workout is controlled by the speed of your movements and the velocity of the current. Additionally, the swim spa is a safe and easy environment in which to teach kids how to swim.

Open Water Swimming Experience

  • Ideal swim flow for the serious athlete or just for the pleasure of a good swim

  • Eliminates turning and provides a true long-distance swim

  • Produces a current similar to a 50-minute Ironman pace

  • No backflow to impede a smooth swim

  • No “fire hydrant-like” air/water flow that can force you out of the swim lane

Cross-Training Tethered Swim

  • The most effective low-impact exercise there is

  • All the benefits of lap swimming

  • Makes swim training convenient and fun

  • Adds more upper body workout and body tension to any cross-training regimens

  • Tethers you from behind, which means no lines to interfere with your kick or stroke

  • Maintains your natural body position while swimming freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, or even the breaststroke

  • Swim at your own pace or really cut loose for a full workout

Tethered Aquatic Jogging & Training

  • Recognized as one of the best cross-training exercises one can perform

  • Reduced possibility of any injury to the body

  • Builds lean muscles and a stronger heart, improved body posture

  • Good exercise during recovery periods such as post-marathons or long racing seasons

  • Provides relief from running on the hard surfaces and is excellent for shin splints, tendonitis, knee and many other lower leg ailments

Family Fun Pool

  • Great for play time

  • The perfect plunge pool in a compact space

  • The swim spa design is a kid friendly environment where the side of the spa is always within reach

  • The tank shape and depth allows for personal training of any first time swimmer

  • Provides flexibility for just the casual plunge and entertainment of family or guests of all ages and all swim levels

Aquatic Universal Gym

Our system uses elastic or hydraulic tension to create the resistance (counter weight) through training this provides significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being. Our system offers the versatility of resistance band exercises that allows the athlete to mirror very closely the movement patterns in their sport providing less chance of any injury.

Aquatic Step & Rowing Machine

A combination of stainless steel oars and rubber bands attached to swivel allowing you to do the rowing motion. This exercise uses all of your major muscle groups and strengthens muscles in your legs, back, abdomen, shoulders, and arms. The Step exercise is low impact, making it easier on your joints. Both exercise muscles in a continuous rhythmic motion for control of body weight, relieving depression and helping you sleep better.